Sunrise of Fairfield Chef Joseph Vitanza Celebration

This week we would like to recognize Chef Joseph Vitanza from Sunrise of Fairfield. Chef Joe is a special kind of team member. His dedication to his craft goes well beyond just being a chef. His fortitude during these times of uncertainly has brought a sort of calm to the residents, bringing a sense of comfort to the community.

“The effort he puts forth has driven the Sunrise of Fairfield team to better themselves.”

– Phil Noto, Executive Director, Sunrise of Fairfield

Often you will see Chef Joe open the kitchen at 6:30 am and watch him close it at 8 pm. He does this all without complaint and without an expectation of acclamation. This is just a small testament to his devotion to being the best possible chef, the best possible team member and the best possible friend for the Sunrise of Fairfield residents.

Sunrise of Fairfield Dining Room where Chef Joe Vitanza’s meals are served to residents

Chef Joe doesn’t just cook.. he creates! He creates with a passion second to none so that the residents receive the best possible dining experience every single day. The Sunrise of Fairfield staff community sees Joe as truly “one of a kind.”

Join us at CALA in celebrating Chef Joseph Vitanza!


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