Senior Services Partnership

Pleased to Announce Partnership With:

William B. Meyer, Inc.


William B. Meyer, Inc. has been helping our clients reduce the cost and risk associated with safeboarding their vital information assets. Visit their website at:

Barker Specialty Company


Barker Specialty Company is one of the premier promotional advertising companies in America. Find more information at their website:

Innovation Health Plan (IHP)

The Innovative health Plan (IHP) helps employers in the Healthcare industry manage and improve the health of their employees and dependents. 

Wellness Plan of America


Wellness Plan of America partnered with SSP to offer creative and exciting employee benefit solutions. Click here to go to their website:

LED Resources, Inc.


LED Resources, Inc, provides a package of services to enable owners and managers to select the most effective LED lighting solution



VoiceFriend provides activities reminders, careplan alerts and emergency notifications for their communities. For more info, visit their website at



Yolon Energy is a privately held energy broker and consulting firm specializing in electricity and natural gas procurement. Their website is:

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