Shady Oaks Assisted Living seeks a new RN Supervisor for our Assisted Living Service Agency (SALSA).  Our SALSA’s salary is $121,000, plus health insurance, 4 vacation weeks, and 3% annual raises.  The role has five on-call nights weekly or is scalable to a $100,000 salary with two on-call nights.  Shady Oaks provides strong nursing in a cozy and loyal home.  Our home feels like a bed and breakfast combined with top quality nursing care for elder seniors.

We have 39 residents, and the owner lives next door.  We average 4.9/5 stars in 9 Google reviews.  12+ residents moved to us from other assisted livings, and fewer than 5% leave to seek higher care at nursing homes.  Our current SALSA will retire in late May after over 21 years of extraordinary service.  For our incoming SALSA, we seek a caring, personally committed, and clinically experienced professional.  We prefer RNs with prior SALSA leadership.  However, we also welcome promising applications from other Assisted Living RNs and from RNs with supervisor experience in Skilled Nursing Homes.

To learn more, please visit our website:

To apply, please send us your resume via e-mail to

We will read all resumes and begin inviting applicants for interviews by 18 March.  We often receive 200+ resumes, and we can only reach out to our very best applicants.  We aim for our incoming SALSA to start full-time on 29 April or by early May.  We plan to provide 3-4 weeks of training and overlap with our current SALSA.  We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy and loyal home with strong nursing.

Thank you!