Masonicare is the not-for-profit leader in the State of Connecticut for senior focused healthcare and residential living options.  We are currently recruiting for a key position, please feel free to contact Jillian Cozzi, Recruiting Manager at (203) 679-6903 or by email at .


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assists the ALSA Director in coordinating and managing all nursing and assisted living aide services rendered to the clients by direct service staff under his/her supervision.
  2. Supervise assigned nursing personnel and assisted living aides in delivery of nursing services and assistance with provision of activities of daily living. Assist in the evaluation of the clinical competence of assigned nursing personnel and assisted living aides. Investigates complaints or concerns in a timely manner.
  3. Ensure thorough communication among ALSA Department staff through daily stand-up shift meeting, communication logs, documentation and other means.
  4. Participating in the development of all state, agency objectives, standards of care, admission, transfer and discharge criteria, policies and procedures concerning nursing services and the provision of assistance with activities of daily living.
  5. Participate in interviewing of potential staff, selection, orientation and in-service education.
  6. Assist in, documenting and tracking orientation, education, annual physicals and PPD and certification of all ALSA aides and staff.
  7. Assist in ensuring that nursing services are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week either by an on-site nurse or on-call.
  8. Demonstrates knowledge and skills of a practicing Registered Nurse while providing direct nursing services to clients as needed.
  9. Provide medication administration services to residents and supervise licensed nursing personnel in medication administration.
  10. Assist in developing resident education, wellness counseling, health promotion and disease prevention program for residents.
  11. Provide documentation for complaint log for any issues with regard to ALSA services. Follow up and investigate any resident or family concern in a timely manner from residents and families Communicate actions taken and resolutions taken to all parties.
  12. Conduct initial resident health, psycho-social and functional assessments. Collaborate with clinical staff, MRC personnel and families to develop a care plan for resident and recommend level of care required by resident.
  13. Review resident care plans with each significant change in condition or at least every 120 days and continually monitor care plans for appropriate leveling. Assist licensed staff with the verification of written or verbal orders from the physician or health care practitioner as needed or at least every 120 days.
  14. Assist the licensed staff with the coordination of services with resident, family and other appropriate individuals.
  15. Refer clients to appropriate professionals or agencies whenever the resident’s condition dictates.
  16. Assist residents in securing alternate living arrangements if they no longer require or are no longer clinically qualified for assisted living services.
  17. Attends meetings, serves on committees and performs other special projects or tasks as assigned.
  18. Identifies residents who have chronic or acute illness that require immediate or on-going care. Responds to resident when a resident activates the call for aid system.
  19. Conducts daily office hours for nurse consultation, which may include blood pressure/vital sign checks, and weight checks, structured to maintain resident’s independence in their apartment, and continued evaluation of residents needs for higher levels of care.
  20. Maintains baseline and updated documentation of residents’ physical, emotional and functional status.
  21. Clearly and actively communicates with other health care professionals regarding changes in resident’s conditions.
  22. ssists in the coordination of resident assessment, moves to higher levels of care, and collaborates with the ALSA team, Resident Care Counselor, Masonicare at Home and Masonicare Home, Health & Hospice to implement effective homecare or transfer.
  23. Assumes all responsibilities of the ALSA Director when necessary.
  24. Performs other duties as assigned.


Education:                  A Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing with two years full time experience (one year in home health care or community health required) OR A diploma or Associate’s Degree in nursing with four years of full time experience over the past 10 years (one year of home health care or community health required)

Licensure:                   Registered Nurse with valid Connecticut license


Must possess strong clinical, organizational, record keeping and documentation skills; able to function independently and exercise sound judgment and initiative; able to respond calmly to crisis or emergency and have strong facilitation and team work skills.  Position requires excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills.  Previous management experience and knowledge of State of Connecticut ALSA regulations and the Medicare and Medicaid programs is required

Working Conditions: Exposure to body fluids, infections, odors and varying resident behaviors should be expected.  Position may require long irregular hours and may be emotional and/or stressful due to issues and/or crisis affecting the health and well being of the residents.