Masonicare is the not-for-profit leader in the State of Connecticut for senior focused healthcare and residential living options.  We are currently recruiting for a key position, please feel free to contact Jillian Cozzi, Recruiting Manager at (203) 679-6903 or by email at .

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Performs initial and ongoing nursing assessments utilizing the nursing process to establish a comprehensive goal directed resident plan of services.
  2. Develops, implements and evaluates resident plan of services.
  3. Transcribes, implements and evaluates physician orders in a timely manner.
  4. Provides education, supervision and counseling to resident and family regarding AL procedures and other care needs.
  5. Provides coordination of the plan of services and maintains continuity of care with other professionals.
  6. Documents accurate, pertinent and comprehensive information in a timely and concise manner.
  7. Conducts supervisory visits of resident care assistants, companions and homemakers as required.
  8. Arranges and participates in educational programs, inservices, meetings and workshops and utilizes current literature to enhance professional skills and knowledge.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned.
  10. Assessments, completed as often as necessary based on client’s condition but not less frequently than every one hundred and twenty (120) days, and prompt action when a change in the client’s condition would require a change in the client’s service program.
  11. Referral to appropriate professionals or agencies, whenever the client’s condition necessitates, including the provision of current clinical information ensuring that if the client’s condition is no longer chronic and stable, services of a licensed home health agency are engaged or other appropriate arrangement are made.
  12. Planning for clients who shall no longer receive or require the services of the assisted living services agency.
  13. Implementation or delegation of responsibility for the availability of nursing services on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
  14. Nursing services, which shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:
  15. client teaching
  16. wellness teaching
  17. health promotion
  18. disease prevention
  19. Responsible for medication administration and delegation of supervision of self-administered medications as specified in subdivision (4) of the subsection.


Education:                   Associates Degree from an accredited school of nursing, BSN preferred

Experience:                 Sufficient nursing experience in clinical setting

Licensure:                    Current RN license in the State of Connecticut; CPR Registration certification


Able to work independently.  Able to handle multiple demands.  Interpersonal, written and organizational skills.  Personal computer skills.  Mentoring skills.  Supervisory skills.

Physical Demands:     Considerable standing/walking, Lifting, transferring residents.  Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching

Working Conditions:             Possible exposure to the risk of bloodborne diseases.  Possible exposure to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries and illness).  Varied and unpredictable situations.  Potential for emergency or crisis situations.  Occasionally subjected to irregular hours.  Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries.

Required Protective Equipment: 

Eye Protection, Face Protection, Gown, Lab Coat or Apron, Mask, Non-Sterile Medical Gloves, Sterile Medical Gloves.

Provides care and services that demonstrate behaviors and the principles of person-centered care including affording people dignity, respect and compassion, offering coordinated care, support and treatment and care that is personalized.